Roger Phillips & Martyn Rix - Vegetables
On my whishlist : Vegetables by Roger Phillips and Martyn Rix.
Amazon: "The only single-volume guide to vegetables any gardener could need. Illustrated throughout with color photographs that show the different kinds of each vegetable and how they look in situ, the book documents more than 650 types of vegetable, mainly those that can be grown in North America and northern Europe, but includes popular Asian specialties. Each is accompanied by descriptions of the vegatble's history and its cultivational needs.

Though not mainly a source of gardener's tips, the book offers simple instructions to the grower, as well as fodder for anyone curious to know more about the first European sighting of potatoes (1537) or the multitudes of possible potatoes ("Duke of York"; "Epicure"; "Mona Lisa")." Oct 2007 edition For sale at

Roger Phillips - Wild Food

Il love all Roger Phillips' books!
Amazon about  Wild Food (Natural History Photographic Guides):
"Roger Phillips, creator of Wild Flowers and its bestselling companion volumes, turns his attention and his camera to the wide range of good things to eat from the countryside and seashore. From the multitude of species that are safely edible, he has selected those that are actually attractive and appetizing as food. Beautiful colour photography shows each species growing in the wild - for accurate identification - and prepared as an appealing dish. Well-known wine and food writers such as Jane grigson, Katie Stewart and B.C.A. Turner are among those who have contributed the recipes that accompany Roger Phillips' photographs."
Oct 2007 edition for sale at